Burgess-Built Machinery Ltd. QUESTIONAIRE

Quotations are customer specific. All inquiries can be sent to bbuilt@rogers.com and should be answered within 3 business days.

To help us help you justify your purchase of the Burgess Built Machinery Ltd., please answer the following questions:

Name: Date:
Address: City:
State: Zip Code:
Country: Contact:
Position: Phone:
Fax: Email:
What is your present method of measuring mattress borders to length:
How many borders are you producing a day:
How many borders are you producing a day with sewn on handles: Done manually?: Yes:No:
How many borders for foundations are you producing a day:
How many ventilators in the borders would you like to install a day:
Would you like back bars and grommets installed on the borders: Yes:
Would you like to notch your borders for foundation corners: Yes:
Would you like Burgess-Built machinery Ltd. to automatically close border seams after cutting and measuring: Yes:
Law tag required Yes:
Do you have equipment to manufacture and cut to length your own fabric handles: Yes:
How many months required to justify equipment purchase:
Would you like 10 referral contacts to investigate the Burgess-Built Machinery Ltd. reputation: Yes:

Other Questions and Concerns: